Utah selects Leaf Data for medical marijuana seed-to-sale tracking system

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Utah regulators selected Leaf Data Systems for its medical cannabis seed-to-sale traceability program.

Leaf Data is a product of Denver-based technology provider Akerna.

Akerna, which trades on the Nasdaq as KERN, is the new company formed by the merger of MJ Freeway and MTech.

The next generation of Leaf Data Systems provides what it calls a “product authentication system.”

That system allows patients to “scan their product to learn the date of harvest, nutrients used, testing results, ingredients and more,” according to a news release.

The program is intended to help patients avoid fake products on the market.

Leaf Data Systems also serves as the state track-and-trace system for the Washington recreational cannabis market. The state recently extended the contract so issues with the program’s latest software release can be remedied.

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