Medical marijuana regulations

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Rhode Island’s top medical marijuana regulator leaving post

Rhode Island’s top medical cannabis regulator, hired in 2016 to help reform a decade-old but loosely regulated program, is resigning to accept a new position in New York. Norman Birenbaum, whose last day is Dec. 6, told the Providence Journal he’s not ready to disclose details of the new job. He is leaving only weeks after the Department of Business Regulation drafted proposed regulations to expand the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in the state from three to nine.

– Associated Press

New Mexico extending medical marijuana public forum

New Mexico has rescheduled a public hearing on changes in medical marijuana regulations aimed at bolstering health protections and patient access to a yet-to-be-determined date in January. The hearing was scheduled for Friday but postponed because of adverse weather conditions. The proposed rules also would create cannabis consumption areas to be operated at approved dispensaries and prohibit certain additives for marijuana products that are inhaled.

– Associated Press

Arizona lawmaker doesn’t trust cannabis industry to ban chemicals

Republican state Sen. Sonny Borrelli wants an outright ban on some chemicals used on marijuana sold in the state, whether the product is smoked, eaten or in a liquid form. Borrelli said he doesn’t trust a special panel to set acceptable levels of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals because it includes people who work in the marijuana industry, according to the Arizona Capitol Times. Marijuana testing in Arizona is scheduled to start no later than Nov. 1

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