The Top 5 Ways to Smoke Cannabis

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Here we count down our list of the top cannabis smoking methods.


  • #5 – Pipes

Ah, the good ol’ pipe. Its pure efficiency and practicality make it stand out among the crowd of other smoking options not on this list (knifers, fruit, etc.). However, its simplicity, and the fact that hits can be harsher than other methods, hold it back from being higher on the list. Still, all told, who would ever turn down a pipe hit?


  • #4 – Bubblers

Bubblers are the natural evolution of the pipe, and their smoother hits propel them to the fourth position. The main thing holding them back? The options below are just… better.


  • #3 – Blunts

Blunts are great – especially when using hemp wrappers. No other method of smoking is better for extended relaxation sessions alone, or for sharing with large groups of people. The large size allows you to take as large or small of a hit as you want without killing it for the people next in line for a toke.


  • #2 – Joints

Joints may not be #1, but they’re not far behind. Versatile, fun and perfect for sharing without the necessity of putting forth the large amount of bud required to roll a blunt, the joints stand above the crowd… but slightly below our #1.


  • #1 – Bongs

For some, this will make perfect sense – for others, this will be blasphemy (we expect a lot of you will think joints should be #1). But when you think about it long and hard, it makes perfect sense. Hitting with a bong is so much smoother than joints or pipes, allowing you to take much larger hits if you prefer. If you don’t, taking a small hit that you can barely feel is also possible.

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