The Shatterizer Concentrate Vaporizer: All You Need to Know

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Pen vaporizers are ideal for portable and discreet use, but many compromise on function to fit everything into the small frame in which they’re normally found. The Shatterizer Concentrate Vaporizer, however, is different; fitting form into fashion and delivering a concentrate hit that’s powerful and potent.

People choose pen vaporizers for many reasons, there’s many different types available on the market, ranging from budget models through to premium price points. The Shatterizer Concentrate Vaporizer is designed specifically for the vaping of concentrates and waxes, but different brands and models are available for different types of vapor; speak to your dispensary specialist or lifestyle shop assistant for more information on what may be the best pen vaporizer for you, depending on your requirements and appetite. The Shatterizer ‘shatters expectations’ and keeps your vaporizing experience pocket-friendly whilst still packing a punch and giving a powerful hit.

It’s discreet and looks smart. Matte black on the outside and smooth on the inside, the Shatterizer Concentrate Vaporizer comes in either an aluminium black or aluminium silver top cover, with a rubberized body for easy grip. Unlike traditional pen vaporizers, it features a glass bubble bowl to concentrate the vapor clouds as best possible in a small space. It’s expertly crafted and engineered design allows it to give a truly smooth pull for the best exhale possible through the borosilicate glass top piece. The result is a really full flavour that’s true to the concentrate and delicious.

The heating system inside is a quartz dual coil and there’s 3mm storage within for your concentrates. The battery capacity lasts a full 40-hours without a charge, and reaches that full charge point within less than 3-hours. The Lithium-Ion battery within has a 3-stage variable voltage, and comes with a MicroUSB adapter with PassThru technology. The Shatterizer Concentrate Vaporizer has USB-compatible charging, so you can charge as well as vape on-the-go – just plug into your laptop while you’re out and about!

This isn’t an entry-level priced pen for casual users, but isn’t a luxury product either. Instead, it gives a reasonably-priced vaporizing experience through a quality product made with the best possible materials to allow you a vape whenever, and wherever, you are. It’s an ideal way to get the potent hit you need without breaking the bank or taking up too much room. Whilst still not the most popular way of using marijuana, concentrate vaporizer pens are becoming fast adopted by those who would like to continue to enjoy their concentrates in a discreet way that doesn’t compromise on character.

The Shatterizer Concentrate Vaporizer may look small, but it’s mighty: you won’t beat the quality of concentrate vapor for this price.

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