Why Quebecers Prefer Illegal Pot Over Going to the Cannabis Store

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The Montreal Gazette speaks with four everyday pot smokers who buy on the sly.

Cannabis has been legal for a year, but 82 per cent of what Quebecers smoked still came from the black market. Why were people going underground when they had a perfectly legal option?

To find out, the Montreal Gazette spoke to four everyday pot smokers who buy on the sly. They listed fast home delivery, no lineups, anonymity and better prices among their reasons for taking the illegal route.

Approximately 150 tons of cannabis was consumed in Quebec in 2017, according to SQDC president and director Jean-Francois Bergeron in a speech last week. Yet in its first year of operations, the Societe quebecoise du Cannabis has sold just 27 tons.

– Read the entire article at Montreal Gazette.

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