Weed Drinks Are Set to Dominate the Cannabis Market in Canada

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From cannabis beer to margarita-flavoured THC tonics, weed companies are betting big on beverages.

As I sit here writing a story about the future of edibles, I’m battling an edible-induced hangover.

I can’t really blame anyone but myself. I smoked some weed at home and then to satisfy my accompanying munchies, I ate a medicated brownie because I had no other snacks in the house. At midnight. It was tasty so I ate the whole thing, which I’m told contained about 90 milligrams of THC–nine times Canada’s likely legal serving size. I fell asleep immediately and it’s now well into the next day but I still feel like 90 percent of my brain is sedated.

I bring this up because the potential for “greening out” is one of the main discussions currently taking place around edibles–the next frontier of cannabis legalization in Canada and already big business in legal US markets. The Canadian government has promised to regulate the sale of edibles by October 17 and companies both large and small are gearing up for that. (Though, as was the case with brick and mortar pot shops in Ontario, actual sales may not take place until after that.)

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