Many Toronto Pot Users Still Prefer Illegal Shops. Here’s Why

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Visiting one of the handful of legal cannabis retailers in downtown Toronto didn’t even cross Jesse Cree’s mind when he decided to spend $50 to replenish his depleted baggie of pot.

This week he went straight to the Harbord St. location of Cannabis and Fine Edibles (CAFE), an illicit operation that has been his chief supplier of pot for about a year now.

“It’s more of a familiarity thing for me,” Cree said of the motivation behind him favouring CAFE. “It’s the place I rely on to get my weed.”

Experts say buyers’ continued reliance on illegal operations is a strong signal of their preference for those retailers and their products, and a direct knock on the inferior quality and higher prices found at licensed sellers.

– Read the entire article at The Star.

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