Largest Cannabis Laboratory in Canada Opens in Vancouver

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CANNABIS CULTURE – The biggest cannabis-specific laboratory in Canada – and most likely the world – opened this week in Vancouver, BC, next to the VCC-Clark station on Great Canada Way.

Run by Anandia Laboratories Inc – a wholly owned subsidiary of Aurora Cannabis – the 12,600 square foot facility was officially opened in a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday, Oct. 8. In attendance were Mayor Kennedy Stewart as well as Aurora CEO Terry Booth, both of whom spoke to the need for Canada to take more of a leadership role when it came to the cannabis industry.

“Guess what Aurora just became,” Booth asked those assembled for the opening. “A bunch of guys who were stomping around the west coast putting on concerts to a global medical cannabis company. The last piece of this jewel is Anandia.”

And it seems like quite an expensive jewel at that. Anandia’s lab rooms are filled with all kinds of sparkling-new machinery and robots, as well as lab-coat wearing graduates who don’t immediately come off as pot-heads. Under Canada’s Cannabis Act, LPs need to certify that their products meet Canada’s new regulatory standards by having them lab tested, and Anandia is setting itself up to be that gatekeeper.

Beyond the different types of mould and bacteria that the lab team try to root out, the facilities allow the company to test for 14 different cannabinoids, 39 terpenes, 96 pesticides and a host of poisonous carcinogens known as aflatoxins. The new headquarters also contains a unique plant tissue culture facility that will offer genetics archiving and backup services for growers.

“Anandia was established to provide the science and technical innovations that underpin the growing global cannabis industry. Our new headquarters accelerates and optimizes the work we do as we approach the next phase of cannabis legalization,” said Dr. John Coleman, PhD, Co-Founder and President of Anandia, in a press release.

The addition of the new lab represents a 700% total increase of Anandia’s Canadian footprint in the last year, which Anandia believes will allow it to scale with and service more LPs and cannabis users.

Beyond compliance testing, the new Anandia headquarters will offer several “proprietary” tests including a sex identification test (helping to ensure there are fewer of those pesky seeds), “Predictive Profiling” to determine the ratio of cannabinoids in plants at the early stage of their development and a series of “stability” tests to determine the shelf life of cannabis.

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