Cannabis giant Tweed opens Melville location

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The multi-billion dollar cannabis company, Tweed, opened a new store in Melville on Friday.

The doors officially opened after 10 a.m., as three people were gathered outside.

No longer the controversial issue that it once was, people in Melville greeted the new store–a symbol of legalized cannabis in the city of less than 5000–with a mild interest.

“Since it’s legalized, there should be a service,” said resident Ron Haskell. “Obviously there’s a demand for it and there should be a service for obtaining it. So I welcome it.”

Trena Ruf, another resident, said “if it’s done right I think it’s okay.” She said she would try cannabis now that the store was open.

Walter Oucharek said that he didn’t know much about cannabis but welcomed the economic input that he hopes it brings.

“If it’s a business that’s starting up then I suppose it’s okay,” he said.

The economic boost is what Melville City Councillor Joe Kirwan says is most welcome about the store.

“Anytime you create jobs in a community our size, at about 4700 people, 12 jobs is a pretty significant piece of work,” he told CTV News.

More people trickled into the store throughout the day. Some were just looking and some were buying. Two people told CTV News they use cannabis for therapeutic reasons.

“It helps with the nerves and stuff,” said Dustin Lang, a customer.

“I find it helps with my anxiety quite a bit. And it helps me mellow out,” said Bree Carpenter, who said she was just looking. “And if I have pain it also helps with that.”

Carpenter says the new store is exciting because of the convenience. It’s the first store in Melville and one of three outside of Regina, in this part of the province.

District Manager Margo Mulitsa says that the city has been welcoming and that people should drop by if they have questions or concerns.

“We’re here to answer those questions and give them the knowledge that they deserve,” she said.

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