Studies Finds Marijuana Use Isn’t Associated With Negative Changes In Brain Morphology

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Exposure to marijuana isn’t associated with significant changes in brain morphology in either older or younger subjects, according to a pair of new studies. As reported by NORML, in the first study, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine compared brain scans of occasional (one to two times per week) and frequent (more than three times per … Read More

Michigan seeks input into adult-use marijuana rulemaking

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Michigan regulators are asking for volunteers to provide input for the state’s new recreational marijuana industry rules, and the cannabis industry is responding to ensure its views are heard. The state is forming work groups to cover four regulatory topics: Existing medical marijuana license holders interested in entering the adult-use market. Municipalities that are considering allowing licensed recreational facilities in … Read More

Bill reintroduced in US Senate to remove cannabis from Controlled Substances Act

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New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker reintroduced legislation that would remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act, effectively meaning state-legal cannabis businesses would not have to fear federal interference and could gain normal access to banking services. The Marijuana Justice Act, first introduced by Booker and Rep. Barbara Lee, a California Democrat, in 2017, is being supported by presidential candidates … Read More

California cannabis licensing backlog could spur collapse of supply chain, ‘hundreds of businesses’

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A California Senate panel on Wednesday advanced a bill – dubbed a “Band-Aid” by one sponsor – in a last-minute bid to prevent thousands of marijuana companies from being temporarily forced out of the legal market and causing chaos in the state’s marijuana supply chain. But the move is likely to be in vain, at least in the short term. … Read More